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Professional Speech WritingProfessional Speech Writing

We Write Great Speeches That Make You Look Good

Who will you be addressing, what do you wish them to know, to feel, to do? To control the room – at a pitch or meeting, seminar, event or award ceremony – you need the perfect words for the occasion. And that’s precisely what our professional speech writing service offers – a wordsmith on call, as and when you need them, to produce speeches with real impact for you to deliver. We make you look good.

What you say and how you say it can mean the difference between being inspiring and being forgotten, between winning over the crowd and knowing that you could have done better, and between achieving your professional or personal goals and wondering what would have happened if only the speech had gone better.

Here at PCA we have written speeches for CEOs, entrepreneurs and corporate climbers with the singular goal of helping them to win over their particular audience. We do this through a structured process of thorough information gathering, analysis and creativity. And we do this with a vast amount of experience in what influences individuals and groups of people.

Your speech will be submitted to you with plenty of time to review, request amendments and practise its delivery. We’ll even provide you with presentation notes on how best to time, shape and point the performance for maximum impact and effect.

Business Writing and ResearchBusiness Writing and Research

Professional Research and Business Writing Services

Outsource your business writing and copy-editing to a professional team and you’ll:

  • save time;
  • ensure consistent quality; and
  • deliver management reports, white papers, business plans, concepts, and marketing materials with a touch of finesse.

Why tie up vital in-house personnel writing mundane copy or spend your valuable time reviewing and editing essential brand or business-critical materials, when you could simply ask a professional communication partner to do it for you.

PCA have been writing for corporations, both big and small, for over a quarter of a century – finding the right words, structures and pace in written pieces tailored to their particular audiences for greatest impact. We’ve worked for organisations in the private equity, mergers and acquisitions, information technology and telecommunications sectors, to name but a few, and we’re happy to turn our hand to writing or researching for yours too. We even have an international office which covers the Australasia and Middle East regions that is ideally placed to write about relevant financial and economic matters.