Case Study:


We have been doing all of telecoms giant EE’s internal Presentation and Communication Training for the last five years and have developed a range of courses designed for different levels, needs and experience.

EE is a passionate believer in investing in the skills of their workforce and is immensely positive and supportive of all those who wish to enhance and develop their communication skills.

The two main courses we offer are Professional Presentation, an intensive, dynamic and practical one-day course, and Personal Impact and Presence – a more advanced and challenging two-day course, which includes a wide range of skills, techniques and experiences culminating, at the end of the second day, in a session on Conference Speaking. Each course has a maximum of five participants to ensure there is enough individual coaching time for each trainee.

The Approach

In both courses the approach is very practical and positive. The trainees explore how they prepare physically and emotionally as well as mentally. The emphasis is on preparing for speech and not for print, on reducing dependence on written text, on generating all necessary energy to fill the space and on the development of confidence.

Good use of the voice is encouraged, as well as the development of a varied and expressive delivery. Techniques are explored to ensure that the trainees can begin at their best and do themselves justice in a wide range of demanding situations. The ultimate aim is to make it all seem ‘natural’.

All the practical sessions are filmed and replayed to analyse performances for impact, style, content and presence. Feedback is always constructive, with relevant exercises and solutions being suggested. At the end of the session all the trainees get their own DVD, a pack of Guidance Notes and, within a couple of days, they will receive a full set of personal feedback notes which encapsulates everything that was said to them during the training session.

The Result

The courses have proved so popular that there are frequently waiting lists to attend. The trainees are often surprised by the dynamic and performance-based style of the day where they are not expected to write notes and are challenged and encouraged to adapt their approach, ditch their ‘crutches and props’ and realise their full potential.

I found this course was truly excellent. Even within the first hour, practical tricks and tips had been given that had immediate benefit and use, and which instantly made a difference. For anyone with a genuine desire to improve their presentation skills, this is the course for them. Susan Ford is a gem who should be treasured by EE. In my opinion the value of this one-day course to an individual employee of EE and, therefore, to EE itself, is immense.”
Hilary Maddelena

“Thank you very much for a great course. It was inspirational and very practical... a great way to learn.”
Sandip Kothari