Speaking Skills

Voice and Speech TrainingVoice and Speech Training

Anyone Can Have a Great Voice with Training and Exercise

There are a multitude of reasons why you may want to work on your voice – to improve its tone, range, depth, vocal quality, or address a lack of presence or inadequate projection for example. Maybe you’ve never liked the way it sounds, maybe others have eroded your confidence, or it could be that something needs to change so you can achieve more success at work. But with training anyone can have a great voice, an expressive voice that does justice to your persona, inspires trust, and to which others will warm. Voice and Speech Training can be done independently or as part of a wider communication training day.

First comes the assessment to determine where improvements can be made and how to address these aspects of your voice and vocal delivery. Tension, poor posture, shallow breathing and inadequate breath control can all influence the way you sound. Do you shout when under pressure or become inhibited and mumble when nervous so nobody can hear you – is your accent so strong that you are frequently misunderstood, or do you suffer from a sore throat because you have forced your voice and strained your vocal cords?

All these and many other speech and voice weaknesses can be addressed with simple exercise and practice and the results, in a relatively short period of time, can quite literally be transformational.

Our training can help in all of the above circumstances and often changes can be recognised after the first session, though follow-up consultations in person, over the phone or on Skype would be advisable.

Confident Presentation SkillsConfident Presentation Skills

Learn to be a Confident, Engaging and Memorable Presenter

We can train anyone to become a good presenter, whether on a one-to-one basis to gain the trust of new clients, on a one-to-few basis to win a pitch, or on a one-to-many basis to hold the unwavering attention of a conference audience. No matter the personal or professional presentation challenge, we can help you to meet it head on.

Training can be delivered to a group or individual and addresses a full range of skills and techniques, including use of visual aids and preparation for Q&A sessions, that will provide each delegate with the practical tools they need to become a stimulating, entertaining, and unforgettable presenter.

Our approach has been developed over 25 years to help build personal confidence and foster the physical, vocal, intellectual and emotional skills needed to find your own style and learn to love presenting.

Effective Public SpeakingEffective Public Speaking

From Keynote Speaker to a Father of the Bride Speech, Delivery is Everything

From public speaking novices to veteran keynote conference speakers, everyone can suffer from nerves from time to time, worry about their stage presence, question the engagement they achieve with their audience, or simply wish to improve their personal brand. That’s why speakers come to PCA – for training, for coaching, or for a boost of support for an upcoming important event.

Our Effective Public Speaking course can be tailored to any level of experience – from honing the skills you already have into a sharper, punchier, more impactful delivery, to guiding public-speaking newbies in the art of relaxing away those pre-speech nerves and presenting with poise to command the attention of the room.

Offered to individuals or teams, our course can provide a detailed and comprehensive approach to the challenges of public speaking, focusing, among other things, on overcoming nerves, vocal projection, tone and colour in your delivery, the development and preparation of scripts, performance skills and rehearsals. This bespoke training can also be supplemented with additional one-to-one coaching and telephone support.

Telephone TrainingTelephone Training

Your Front-line Staff Deserve the Very Best Vocal Training

Are your sales staff hitting their targets, do reception or call centre staff effectively represent your brand on the phone, and do your customer care consultants really sound like they care? The answer in many cases is ‘no, not well enough’.

Sometimes the only impression a potential client, disgruntled customer or important supplier will have of your organisation is provided by the individual they first speak to when they call. Give a good impression and you win the business, retain the customer while avoiding a PR nightmare, or beat off the competition. Give a poor impression, or simply one that is not as good as the next company they call, and you are unlikely to hear from them again – not in a good way at least!

Our Telephone Training course is for receptionists and researchers, sales staff and anyone else whose telephone manner and vocal personality must accurately reflect the ethos of their company, must be adapted to achieve better conversions, or must become the difference that separates you from your competition.