About us

Our close-knit, highly skilled team of communication training and coaching consultants have decades of national and international experience working with the likes of Citibank, BP, Deloitte, GSK, Maersk and the Foreign Office. We’ve given conferences and lecture demonstrations for numerous organisations including Verint, Orange, Credit Suisse, Accenture, Fjord and the Society of Teachers of Speech and Drama Conference (STSD). And we’re happy to work for corporations, individuals or SMEs, and to adapt our training and your advancement to your needs and demands.

Our team contains an emeritus Professor and Fellow of Speech and Communication, Equity members, and those skilled at professional theatre training and practice, an ex-Financial Times journalist and documentary film-maker, and a talented speech writer, to name but a few.

PCA is dedicated to the task of helping anyone from graduate trainees to seasoned board members, first-time speakers to keynote veterans, to get the most from their moments in the spotlight."

This eclectic mix of business and arts, of corporate training and journalism, enables us to clearly view the needs of both speaker and audience and to adapt our methods and processes to achieve the best results for all concerned.

These methods and processes include interactive, dynamic, organic group and individual training, phone support, Skype coaching, and role playing – incorporating a team of professional actors in an immersive filmed experience where such practical training is required.