Professional Development

Confidence Building and CoachingConfidence Building and Coaching

Become the Master of Your Own Destiny

Your confidence affects many aspects of your life. It determines the challenges you are prepared to face, the social situations you will put yourself in and the things you feel you can ask for. Effectively, your confidence, or lack of confidence, could well have a massive impact on your friendships, your family and your career.

PCA can help to transform the most inhibited of people into more self-assured individuals with our tried, tested and trusted confidence building course and confidence coaching.

Do you shy away from asking for that promotion, do you stand up for yourself at work, do you take opportunities to shine and impress, can you give an impactful and engaging speech to an audience, and what first impression do you make?

Become a better you, or help boost confidence in your team and see productivity and customer care soar with our Confidence Building and Coaching course.

CV Analysis and DevelopmentCV Analysis and Development

Grab Their Attention and Learn How to Promote ‘Brand You’

Your curriculum vitae (CV) may well be the only thing that a prospective employer will see of you. From this document they will have to make a judgement as to whether you are the person they are looking for. Wouldn’t it make sense to invest a little time and effort to making sure that your CV is as good as it can be? After all, your next job, promotion or partnership may well rest on how good it is.

With years of experience working for all manner of organisations we know what works on a CV. So, step one is a thorough analysis of what you have, and what you intend to convey. When we know a little more about who you hope to send your CV to and why, we will be able to assess its strengths and weaknesses along with ways in which you can improve your document.

Whether it’s a winning generic CV to grab the attention of all those it’s sent to, or a ‘brand you’ document developed with laser focus for targeting a particular job or individual, we can help you to create it.

Interview Skills TrainingInterview Skills Training

How to Make a Lasting First Impression

When your big moment arrives will you rise to the challenge or fail to do justice to the opportunity? Our Interview Skills Training helps you to take control of this situation so you can achieve your true potential and be the interviewee they are looking to hire.

Interview success starts well before your meeting, with your pre-interview preparation being as vital as your presentation on the big day. We help you to prepare yourself:

  • Physically. How you look, the impression you convey, your handshake, eye contact, body language and so on.
  • Mentally. Self-confidence and how this can radiate from you and translates into the impression you make, mastering your nerves, manner and demeanour.
  • Intellectually. Research into the individual and company that will be interviewing you, the sort of questions they may ask and the reasons why one answer is better than another – it’s all about being prepared and proactive, not just reactive.

Our interview skills training will include role-playing and filmed playback to analyse strengths, weaknesses, and areas for improvement. We discuss the importance of knowing what you want to say rather than the exact words you are going to use, and what you wish to convey no matter what question is asked. We look at spotting opportunities and understanding what an interviewer wants from you, reading their body language and how to give a good impression even when faced with an inexperienced interviewer.