Media TrainingMedia Training

Media Mastery Can Pay Significant Dividends

The right media attention can catapult personal or corporate brands, spread awareness and increase sales, change or cement people’s impression of you, your business or products/services. What people see on TV, read about in their newspapers and magazine, or hear on the radio often comes with implied trust, so having the ability to tap into this, to make the most of it and to win over the journalists and producers you come across to continue benefiting from the media long into the future could have a significant positive impact on your business.

However, there is a dark side to media attention – just ask Gerald Ratner – you can never be too prepared, never know too much about what they are looking for from you, and never be too aware of the risks involved.

At PCA we offer professional Media Training provided by interviewers, trainers, journalists, producers and directors – people who know what the media is looking for, how to make the most of every media opportunity, and how to present a confident, professional response even under most extreme pressure.

Our media training covers all aspects of dealing with the media, including:

  • How to prepare yourself and your information
  • Getting your message across in the best possible way
  • Handling an unhelpful or aggressive interviewer
  • Learning how to stay poised, cool and focused
  • How to stay ‘on message’ under pressure
  • Presenting yourself, your cause and your company in the best possible light
  • Crisis management

Freelance CameramanFreelance Cameraman

Skilled Cameraman Available for One-Off or Retained Projects

Experienced freelance cameraman available to film individual, group or lecture-style training courses, or for any other in-house need. With 15 years’ experience, our cameraman is highly skilled at filming all manner of corporate events, seminars, or training experiences. He is flexible, reliable, perceptive and happy to be mobile. All footage is produced on SD cards or DVDs for clients and delegates.