Case Study:


Brands2Life is a vibrant, award-winning London PR Agency. I first met and worked for the two co-founders Giles Fraser and Sarah Scales when they were with Hill+Knowlton, and I have run numerous courses with them since they established their own very successful agency 20 years ago.

The Approach

The work we do varies greatly from such things as:

  • Training their Graduate Trainees and Account Executives in Presentation Skills
  • Rehearsing competitive team pitches for new business
  • Working on Communication and Presentation with their clients
  • Rehearsing client Conference Speeches

The aim has always been to give their trainees the skills, techniques, practice and confidence to enable them to do themselves justice in a wide range of circumstances. The pace is so fast, the energy high and the ideas so creative that the delivery needs to reflect the individuality of each trainee while also reflecting the quality of the brand image.

So much to do with good communication involves perception, which is why we film all of our sessions to give us the ability to replay and analyse each performance. This enables us to identify strengths that can be enhanced, and any distractions, such as fading tone, lack of vocal variety and loss of immediacy, which need to be addressed.

The Result

The sessions are lively and enthusiastic, the trainees committed and responsive, and the improvement immediate, effective and evident. All trainees receive their own DVD and Guidance Notes followed by an individual feedback report a few days later, encapsulating everything that has been discussed and explored.

The words of Giles Fraser, co-founder at Brands2Life, reveal the value that Susan adds to their business:

We have used Susan for presentation training for virtually all our staff over the past ten years. She has never failed to improve someone’s presentation skills and has always been exceptional value.”