Teleprompter Trouble – Common Mistakes

First, let’s banish a common misconception. There are several systems that display text in front of the camera lens for the presenter to read. Autocue is a brand name, like Hoover. The generic name is rolling script or teleprompter. Here are the top three mistakes we’ve observed, and the lessons you can learn from them: Write your script to be read aloud In our experience, many people forget the spoken word is different from the written word. It’s vital to […]

Why HOW you Communicate makes all the difference

A great deal of time (and frequently money) can be spent working on the content of a speech, structuring sentences and phrases, re-writing and honing it. This includes selecting the appropriate alliteration and assonance chosen to enhance the effect, using quotations and examples and the rule of three slavishly adhered to. If the speaker lacks the necessary skill to do the speech justice, the full impact will not be realised and the opportunity lost. If the speaker is ill prepared […]